Pen Cinema Police

Van of Police operatives suspected to be from the Pen Cinema division of the Lagos state command on Sunday ran over a middle-aged man in Agege.

Eye9ja understands that the Police van ran over the middle-aged man while trying to escape arrest.

The operatives of the Pen Cinema Police Division were reported to have stormed the home of the middle-aged man on Sunday morning after complaints against him by his neighbours, alleging that he was an addict of Indian hemp and that he had been smoking Indian hemp and thus disturbing the peace of his neighbourhood.

The Police officers were reported to have invaded his house at the Sunmonu area of Agege on Sunday morning with the aim of arresting him, but the Suspect whom the Police had come to arrest pulled up a stunt with the officers when he lied on the floor and began to roll himself on the floor.

In an eyewitness account, Eye9ja was told that the Police officers had invaded the House of the Indian hemp smoker suspect, shot sporadically at the entrance of the house of the suspect while the suspect came out of his abode and began rolling on the ground.

“The officers of the Police came to arrest him and started shooting anyhow in the passage of his house. The brother that the officers had come to arrest after sighting the officers, came out of his room, saw the Police van and started rolling on the ground so as to avoid being arrested by the Police. But the Police who were determined to arrest their target moved their vehicle towards the Brother but unknowing to them, the leg of the Brother had found it way beneath the tyre of the Police van,” an eyewitness exclusively told Eye9ja.

The suspect sustained an injury on his foot was however rushed to the Ifako-Ijaye general hospital where he was currently receiving treatments as at the time of this report.

Meanwhile, efforts made by Eye9ja to speak with the Police officers proved abortive as the officers were busy trying to salvage their challenge.

Watch a video clip obtained by Eye9ja in when the Suspect was brought to the Ifako Ijaye general hospital.



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