Nuhu Ribadu Declared Buhari's Leadership Uncorrupt

Nuhu Ribadu the former and pioneer chairman of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC), has declared President Buhari as an uncorrupt leader.

Eye9ja understands that the chairman commended the president that ever since he became the petroleum minister, there has been no oil billionaire.

This was revealed in Gombe on Monday, November 4, during Ribadu’s presentation on anti-corruption and good governance at a two-day retreat for commissioner-designates, special assistants, and permanent secretaries.

According to Ribadu corruption in the oil sector has been reduced by President Muhammadu Buhari’s administration.

He entreated government official to promise not to steal as a leader because leaders with soiled hands have no moral right to question their subordinate.

“Make a personal vow not to steal public funds. You can’t stop corruption in the police when the civil service is still corrupt. Stop corruption and see what will happen in the society,” Ribadu said.

“Corruption erodes trust in leadership. A leader with soiled hands has no moral right to question his subordinates.

“For you, all this is, is a stepping stone. You must not fall for the banana peel thereby denting yourself. EFCC, NFIU are capable and they can see you.

“They have the infrastructure to track every single penny stolen from the government. Things have changed, and the world has changed, so let us also change.

“Since president Buhari took over as the minister of petroleum, I have not seen people become billionaires from oil business because there is a leader who is not corrupt.”

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