The Kogi state election which started about 8:00 am today has just been concluded and results are coming in from different polling units.

Eye9ja report that the election was held in 2,548 polling units in the twenty-one (21) Local Government Areas (LGAs) and two hundred and thirty-nine (239) wards in the north-central state.

The information released by INEC has shown that 1,646,350 were registered as voters in the state as at August 31, 2019, but only 1,485,828, voters collected their Permanent Voters’ Cards, while 160,522 PVCs were still uncollected.

A breakdown by INEC showed that the Kogi East Senatorial district has the highest number of voters with 804,715 names.

Kogi West (where Dino Melaye and Smart Adeyemi are battling to take hold off), is second, with 432,515 voters; while Kogi Central is third with 409,120 voters.

Although out of the twenty-four (24) political parties and candidates  registered for the Kogi governorship election, just two have been identified by political analysis as the main contenders for the election.

The two competing parties are the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) and the opposition Peoples Democratic Party (PDP).

Yahaya Bello who happens to be the current Governor of the state is seeking a second term in office in the platform of the APC while Musa Wada of the PDP is hoping to unseat him as State’s number one citizen.

Below are the Kogi Governorship Election Results…


LGEA/RCM Sch, Obinoyin. PU 004. Obinoyin. Ogori/Magongo LGA.

Total votes: 72

Invalid Votes: 1

APC: 41

PDP: 21

SDP: 8


2:47pm , PU 006, Open Space orokere along Takete Road, Mopamuro LGA.

Governorship Election Results.

PDP: 151

APC : 37

ADC : 1

SDP : 2


PDP: 151

APC : 37

SDP: 2

ADC: 1

2:47. Ward 10, PU 003 – Nagazi Farm centre. Adavi local govt, Kogi state.

A: 1

YDP: 1

APC: 452

2:46pm Open space – Obinoyin-Magongo IV. 006. Ogori/Magongo LGA.

Total votes: 68

Invalid Votes: 3

Valid votes: 65

SDP: 1

PDP: 18

APC: 46


Apc 252

PDP 86

Sdp 2


2:39pm. Open space III. PU 003. Obinoyin. OGORI MAGONGO.

Total: 131

Invalid Votes: 9

Valid votes: 122

SDP: 7

PDP: 24

APC: 91

2:35pm. Ward 06, PU 002, Idah LG.

Total number of voters – 516

Invalid – 8

SDP – 2

APC – 25

PDP – 187

2:14pm. Open space IV. Obinoyin. *Ogori/Magongo LGA*

Total votes: 81

Rejected: 1

SDP: 3

PDP: 18

APC: 59

1:47 pm: Results

PU 003, Ward 3, Bassa LGA

Total no of registered voters: 615


ADC: 1

SDP: 9

PDP: 88

APC: 178

Invalid 2; Rejected 1.

Although this result is yet to be confirmed by the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC).

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