Boko Haram

Boko Haram terrorist group has executed three officers of the Nigerian Army, Eye9ja has learned.

In a video clip showing how the Nigerian Army soldiers were executed, Eye9ja understands that the officers were tied and on their knees while the Boko Haram members made some Arabic recitations.

At the end of their recitations, the armed terrorists who had tied their captive Nigerian Amry officers helpless fired severally at the officers who were at their closest range.

Accompanied with the video of the barbaric act, an online user identified simply as Klasical OTB took to the micro-blogging site to tweet.

Klasical OTB in his tweet, mentioned activists such as Mazi Gburugburu (@Mazigburugburu1), @segalink and Jackson Ude @jacksonpbn to speak out for Nigerians and the masses.

“This is what our soldiers go through daily on the technically defeated Boko Haram. Feeling so terrible seeing my childhood coach been killed on a cold blood….. tears dropping.
@Mazigburugburu1, @segalink @jacksonpbn. Speak for us!!!,” he said.

Click here to watch the video below.

Similary, One Abayomi too to the microblogging site to cry out over the spate of silence in Nigeria despite the killing of the Nigerian Soldiers.

Abayomi in his tweet said; “Boko Haram released a video killing Nigerian Soldiers yesterday, people didn’t even blink. RIP to the dead”

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