Popular Nigerian Prophet, Chukwuemeka Odumeje
Chukwuemeka Odumeje, Director, Mountain of Holy Ghost Intervention Deliverance Ministry

Controversial Onitsha-based cleric, Prophet Chukwuemeka Ohanaemere popularly known as Prophet Odumeje, is in fresh trouble at the moment on the social media after a video of his battle with native doctors went viral.

Eye9ja recalls that Prophet Odumeje threw a purported ‘resurrection challenge’ to all native doctors a few weeks ago, to prove that their powers are fake.

Prophet Odumeje in a viral video labelled all native doctors nationwide criminals, who are only after their monetary gains.

The Lion himself as he is fondly called by some, further stated that there is only one power and that, that power belongs to Jesus Christ.

Prophet Odumeje in the video called on any native doctor, who is willing to accept the challenge to meet him at a stadium, where two corpses will be brought forward while people would watch which one would resurrect, whether, the one that is given to him or the one given to the native doctor to also do the same.

The prophet threatened to forsake his pastoral calling if the native doctors win him in the contest.

Eye9ja understands that the native doctors have since accepted Prophet Odumeje’s challenge.

It was learned that a native Doctor who is based in Delta State close to Anambra, where Prophet Odumeje operates, has accepted the challenge and volunteered to help other men in his profession make a scapegoat out of prophet Odumeje.

However, after Prophet Odumeje’s statement that all native doctors are criminals, he has since come under several attacks on the social, with his “Nollywood church members” coming to his rescue.

Some Nigerians claim the Prophet is also a “native doctor” hence should not tag native doctors as criminals on the ground that churches and pastors also make monetary gains from people like the native doctors do.


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CHUKWUEMEKA OHANEMERE ODUMEJEJE is his name nd LION is his spiritual identity. Being born again in Christ, he became like his father, LION OF JUDAH. ODUMEJE is a Prophet, not a pastor. Every ministerial office has it’s own peculiarities. Prophets, besides being miracle, signs nd wonder workers, primarily fore-tell nd forth-tell d word of YAHWEH. Making them the mouthpiece of GOD, saying only what HE commanded them to say when they were called into ministry. As for ODUMEJEJE’S miracles, drawing from the Holy Bible, one must not verbalize scriptures to your hearing to perform miracles. The prophet’s spirit is the main communication point between him nd GOD. Miracles is not about vocalizations, but spirituality. D word of GOD is SPIRIT. Touching the strangeness of ODUMEJEJE’S miracles, JESUS CHRIST used spit as a medium to perform miracles(john 9:6-7 & mark 7:32-35), David could cast away evil spirit with just musical instrument(1 sam 16:23), Paul performed “special” miracles(acts 19:11-12), Elisha nd Elijah nd even Paul raised d dead by laying on dem, just like ODUMEJEJE. The key lies in obeying the voice of GOD as Mary, JESUS mother testified in john 2:5. Moses nd Elisha lived in seperate era’s but when faced with a similar challenge of bitter waters, they performed a miracle using different means. Moses used a “tree” as a medium while Elisha used “salt”(exodus 15:25 & 2 kings 2:19-22). Different techniques but the same SPIRIT. ODUMEJE must not perform miracles like your pastor. Elijah while shutting the skies so it would not rain, spoke in the “first person”. He wasn’t taking the glory of GOD, else HE would not have honoured Elijah’s prophecy. Angels did this type of speech numerous times in the bible because they carried the glory nd presence of GOD with them. Are we to say that Angels are robbing GOD of his glory too? The carnal man cannot recieve the things of the SPIRIT, they are foolishness unto him neither can he understand it, because they are spiritually DISCERNED(1 cor 2:14). If preaching is all you expect from a Prophet, then something is wrong. I AM NOT DONE WITH 4 PART 2 @prophetchukwuemeka

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