Nnamdi Kanu Takes Final Decision On Dumping Biafra, Becoming Governor
IPOB: Biafra Leader Nnamdi Kanu

The Coalition of southeast Professional Network in Nigeria and Diaspora (CSEPNND) has reiterated its call that the leader of the proscribed Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), Nnamdi Kanu, be extradited to Nigeria to face his trial for alleged treason.

It also chided IPOB spokesman, Emma Powerful, for referring to it as a non-existent organization.

Coalition Insists On Kanu’s Repatriation

The coalition insisted it is a recognized and respectable body, and its President, Prof. Madumere Chika, a well-known scholar with proven records.

According to a statement by Prof. Chika and National Secretary Anayo Uchemba said claims by IPOB that it was a creation of the Department of State Service (DSS) and non-existent was laughable and diversionary. It asked the separatist group to leave the DSS out of its woes.

In his words: “Our attention has been drawn to a watery and uncoordinated response to our call for Kanu’s extradition. Emma Powerful referred to our group as a creation of the DSS, and fake, non-existent.

“The pseudo Powerful, who has not been sighted anywhere, or known by anyone anywhere in the world, also denied the existence of our President, Prof. Madumere Chika, who is recognized internationally.

“IPOB’s response through the non-existent Powerful is diversionary with intent to blackmail our treasured DSS and the Nigerian state from doing the needful on Kanu’s repatriation.
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“We are a legitimate and independent non-violent group of Igbo professionals, with our head office in Awka, Anambra State. We are duly incorporated with all the relevant bodies in Nigeria and have been operating since 2014.

“We are not surprised by their claims as we have noticed over time that it is the style of the proscribed IPOB to question the credibility or otherwise of anyone or group that speaks truth against it.

“We are not a creation of DSS and cannot be. Rather, we are a creation of one Nigeria and good conscience. We are a creation of Igbo who has paid their full dues in Nigeria and are pushing for better deals for their people.

“We denounce Nnamdi Kanu and his terrorist group. Kanu and his bunch of misinformed youths cannot speak for or lead the Igbo nation. We reiterate our demand for Kanu’s repatriation to Nigeria to face trial.”

But Kanu has described calls for his repatriation as a confirmation that IPOB is the greatest nightmare to the Federal Government.

“It’s an acknowledgment that IPOB has roundly defeated the government in the battle of ideas,” he said.

Kanu, who spoke through Powerful, said: “Why DSS has chosen to continue to disgrace itself by creating these fake groups is beyond comprehension. Such a weak and tactless strategy will not distract us. If indeed such a group exists, why can’t they conduct a live news conference to convince the people of Biafra they are real?

“If the so-called CSEPNND is real and identifiable, let them show us their faces, give us their contact address so we can take them seriously. If the self-acclaimed leaders of CSEPNND – the imaginary Prof. Madumere Chika and Anayo Uchemba – are not robots, let them mention their communities and kinsmen.

“We can say without equivocation that there is no Igbo professor with the name Madumere Chika, and there is no Igbo professional association known as CSEPNND. This is purely a DSS fictitious creation meant to deceive the gullible and undiscerning. We challenge them to disclose their address and location for inquiries and confirmation if indeed they are not fake…”

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