Uganda Election
Uganda Election

A pleasant day to you and welcome to Eye9ja compilation of the top 10 updates on the Uganda presidential election for today’s evening (Thursday, January 14th, 2021).
Here are the latest Uganda election news headlines:

1. #UgandaDecides2021: Bobi Wine Alleges Conspiracy

Conspiracy by the dictator and his biased Electoral Commission is in a new phase.

A plot to rig is set, internet is completely shut down and media is censored.

2. #UgandaDecides2021: Top Nigerian Musician Roots For Bobi Wine

A member of the defunct P’Square, Peter Okoye, is wishing Bobi Wine good luck in Thursday’s election in Uganda. See here.

3. #UgandaDecides2021: Lines Growing Longer At Polling Stations

An investigative journalist in East Africa, Mujuni Raymond, says lines are growing longer at polling stations.

4. #UgandaDecides2021: I’ll Only Concede To Museveni On This Condition – Bobi Wine

National Unity Platform (NUP) party presidential candidate Robert Kyagulanyi, widely known as Bobi Wine has said he will reject Thursday’s election results should the party deem the poll irregular.

5. #UgandaDecides2021: Tight Security In Kampala

According to Al Jazeera, there has been a huge deployment of security forces in the Ugandan capital, including military personnel who have taken rooftop positions in buildings.

6. #UgandaDecides2021: Bobi Wine Sends Message To Int’l Community

In a first-hand account published by Foreign Affairs on the eve of the elections, Bobi Wine described the vote as a “pivotal” moment for Uganda and expressed hope that the international community would follow the polls closely.

7. #UgandaDecides2021: What Bobi Wine Said At News Conference After Casting Vote

Singer cum politician, Bobi Wine has held a news conference shortly after casting his vote in Kampala on Thursday.

The 38-year-old called on his supporters to come out and cast their ballots amid heavy security presence on the streets of the capital and across the country.

8. #UgandaDecides2021: Presidential Candidate Alleges Intimidation

Mugisha Muntu, the current President of the Alliance for National Transformation, has alleged that some of his party agents are being arrested.

9. #UgandaDecides2021: Tension Likely After Results Announced, Says Political Commentator

Nicholas Sengoba, a political commentator at Uganda’s Daily Monitor newspaper, said on Thursday according to Al Jazeera that the announcement of the results will lead to protests in opposition strongholds.

He adds that large-scale violence was improbable.

10. Uganda Election: Poll Closed As Bobi Wine, Yoweri Museveni Lock Horns

Voting closed at 4 pm (1300 GMT) in Uganda on Thursday.

Meanwhile, voters that were still in line at the time of voting closure were allowed to cast their ballots. This is according to Al Jazeera.

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