Omoyele Sowore
Omoyele Sowore

According to Omoyele Sowore, a one-time presidential aspirant in Nigeria, Nobel laureate, Prof. Wole Soyinka has told President Yoweri Museveni of Uganda that “he will be held personally responsible for the safety of Bobi Wine”, the East African country’s opposition leader.

He made this announcement via his verified Facebook page on Friday.

Wine had told the world on Friday the military has “taken over” his compound just hours after he alleged Thursday’s election was rigged.

Uganda Election: Wole Soyinka Sends Strong Message To Museveni

The musician cum politician tweeted the news not long after he said “every legal option is on the table” to challenge the official results of the 2021 Ugandan presidential election.

Meanwhile, military officials said according to Al Jazeera that while there was an incident at Bobi Wine’s residence, it was not “the way Bobi Wine was explaining it”.

“It is not true that the people who jumped over [into his home] were security personnel, but they were civilians,” deputy military spokesperson Deo Akiki stated.

As the world continues to watch the turn of events in the Uganda Election 2021, Prof. Soyinka waded into the post-election scenes.

Counting of the votes is still ongoing as of Saturday morning, with the incumbent president, Museveni widely reported to be comfortably ahead.

Read Sowore’s update below:

Wole Soyinka just sent the following message regarding Bobi Wine:
“Through every available medium, Museveni should be reminded that he will be held personally responsible for the safety of Bobi Wine, his family, and supporters. Africa has transcended the Age of Impunity. We know it still takes a while in far too many cases, but Museveni should take a good look round the continent. Where are the many of his co-bullies of yesteryears? “The wheels of justice grind slowly but, they arrive.”

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