Pastor Sam Adeyemi

The founder and General Overseer of the Daystar Christian Centre, Sam Adeyemi, has raised a question concerning the whereabouts of the report of the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) Committee on True Federalism, Eye9ja learned.

Adeyemi has been one of the conscious religious leaders commenting on Nigeria’s national issues.

Where Is The Report Of the APC Committee On True Federalism? – Sam Adeyemi

The motivational speaker in a literary narrative posted on his verified Twitter, @Sam Adeyemi, asked about what has happened to APC’s committee report on true federalism.

The APC-led Federal Government on its ascension to the country’s helm of affairs inaugurated a committee on restructuring. The restructuring was centred on the party’s campaign before taking over power from the current opposition, Peoples Democratic Party (PDP).

Some of the recommendations of the committee was the creation of state police, devolution of power i.e reallocating the duties and responsibilities contained in the exclusive and concurrent lists of the constitution.

This will allow the states to make decisions on critical areas, affecting the states they govern. But the APC-led Federal Government has swept the report under carpet since its submission.

Pastor Adeyemi Twitter post read in part, “In Nigeria, we need to fix the vehicle (government), the drivers (leaders) and the passengers (citizens) to arrive at a developed economy. To fix the vehicle, let’s encourage the National Assembly to act urgently on the REPORT OF THE APC COMMITTEE ON TRUE FEDERALISM.

“For the passengers (citizens), we must discuss and agree on the destination (the vision of a developed economy), and on the values that will get us there. We won’t get there without each of us committing to value for life, honesty, equality, innovation, excellence, etc.

“For the drivers (leaders), character, skills and capacity are not negotiable. We must ensure they’re driving in the right direction, speak up if they’re driving into a ditch, and change them when necessary. Remember though, a bad vehicle can still mess up a good driver.

“No driver (including President) can work magic with a bad vehicle and passengers without a defined destination. Let’s rise above religious and ethnic divisions, and selfish desperation for only personal success, to build a country beautiful for all.”

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