Popular Instagram celebrity, well known as Bobrisky, has fired back at a transgender person, Buchi Alexandra fondly called Deevah, who accused her of being the architect of all of the problems and misconceptions faced by the trans community in Nigeria.

Earlier, Deevah posted a video where she warned Bobrisky and James Brown to stop making the transgender community look like retards who cannot do anything valuable with their lives asides from their gender identity and sexuality.

‘You Won’t Get Noticed Till I Retire’ – Bobrisky Fires Back At A Transgender

“Hello everyone, my name is Deeevah and I am a transgender here in Nigeria. We actually exist..and yes, I am a transgender and not a crossdresser and I can only blame one person for that misconception which is Idris. Yes, Bobrisky I am calling out to you because you are the architect of all of the problems we have here in Nigeria, the trans community.

“There is one that calls himself the princess of Africa, throwing tantrums and shouting all over the place. You are a brand, do your thing but don’t come and start making all of us look bad or they start looking at us like retards or almost as though our gender identity comes first or that we cannot do anything valuable with our lives asides our sexuality or gender identity. Please receive sense, Idris.”

In a clap back, Bobrisky shares a screenshot of a purported direct message she received from Deevah where the transgender was seeking her support for an international transgender competition.

Bobrisky in her caption added that no other cross-dresser or transgender will get noticed till she retires from crossdressing.

”Hey, baby !!!!! I noticed you have been in my dm begging me to get noticed but sad I guess have got too many messages and too busy to read dm. Going around to clout chase with my name to get noticed is bad thou… you should have waited till d day I will notice you maybe then I can help u and make you a multimillionaire instead of a clout chasing like a shemale pig. Well, I bob still remain everyone MUMMY. I repeat non of you will get noticed till I retire bye bitch

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