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Watch Porta Potty Dubai Viral Video Leaked Twitter Reddit Dog Sleeping with Human

Watch Porta Potty Dubai Viral Video Leaked Twitter Reddit Dog Sleeping with Human #Watch #Porta #Potty #Dubai #Viral #Video #Leaked #Twitter #Reddit #Dog #Sleeping #Human Welcome to Eye9ja

As you all know that money makes people crazy and when it comes to talking about rich countries so no doubt Dubai is the first one to come into your mouth.
As you all must be the swim that people of Dubai those who are rich enough to do anything, recently sparked a new trend or better say party named Porta Potty.
As per the name you must get an idea of what else can take place at this party. However, the scene of the party is way weird and tacky enough to make you feel like puke.

Porta Potties Dubai Viral Video

Recently, on the web, Dubai started grabbing headlines where people of the country sparked a party where people (African Girls) are getting paid to witness the *** of human beings, and as much as they will eat and get themself wrapped in potty they will get money. The party has become the hot potato because now everyone wants to know about it, and the most searched on the internet today is, Why “Porta Potty Dubai Video” is hot right now. What is the Porta Potty Dubai video about and why is it so popular.

Porta Potty Dubai Video

According to the videos and social media, it became public that the *** scene is happening with ladies who are from Africa because they wanted to be rich and never-ending money, however, it is still under the veil who is the one, to be witnessed but an online report says the entire statement where the girl said: “I called out one of my really good and closed friends after seeing her at the Porta-Potty where she was seen wrapped in *** and she told her everything”. Continuing the statement she said that the girl about whom she is talking is just 22, she drives a 2011 CL550 and she has owned a condo in Newport Beach, and I think that it is not a bad thing for those girls who are not even graduated and can’t make money by using their knowledge but using their body can lead everything in their life, they all are seeking for. Well, stay tuned with us to get more updates on the Porta-Potty Dubai

As per the sources it came to know that an unknown lady who had some dreams to be live like Dubains because she is totally inspired and fascinated by their luxury lifestyles. Well, the girl said that she went to Dubai for a weekend to live like them and one of her friends was paying for her everywhere. Later the lady said that her colleague was one of the high-end escorts who catered to Dubai’s wealthy locals. She even stated that she spent a weekend there and was often abused by high society people seeking physical relationships.


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