Daily Harvest’s Lentil Crumbles Is Hospitalizing People

Daily Harvest’s Lentil Crumbles Is Hospitalizing People #Daily #Harvests #Lentil #Crumbles #Hospitalizing #People Welcome to Eye9ja

The TikTok wraps up with her saying she received an email from Daily Harvest’s PR department, which advised her to throw away the leek crumbles, due to reports of customers falling ill after ingesting them. After combing through a Reddit thread about the crumbles, she realized that dozens of people were having scarily similar — and in some cases, even more severe — experiences to her after eating them. Here are a few of the comments:

“Three weeks ago I went to the ER with extreme stomach pain and high fever after eating daily harvest crumbles. After a week of severe fatigue, complete loss of appetite, nausea, and itchy skin, I was told my liver enzymes were extremely elevated, and sent to a gastro specialist who diagnosed me with acute hepatitis of an unknown origin.”


“I ate the crumbles Wednesday night and woke up Thursday morning with severe abdominal and upper back pain. I also ended up in the emergency room. My bilirubin levels were also elevated. The doctor also could not figure it out and thought I maybe had an ulcer. I was discharged with medication and did not figure it out until I got the generic email from daily harvest.”


“I was in the hospital for 5 days, had elevated liver enzymes, and am still not recovered. My levels were slowly coming down when I was in the hospital, but they could not figure out why they were up. All of the other blood work I had, CT scans, and ultrasounds came back okay.”


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