Udaariyaan 24th June 2022 Full Written Episode Update, The Tussle Between Two Sisters Tejo & Jasmine Continues!

Udaariyaan 24th June 2022 Full Written Episode Update, The Tussle Between Two Sisters Tejo & Jasmine Continues! #Udaariyaan #24th #June #Full #Written #Episode #Update #Tussle #Sisters #Tejo #Jasmine #Continues Welcome to Eye9ja

Hello lovely readers! What a beautiful day right, let’s make it more beautiful with the written update of “Udaariyan” on 24th June 2022. The latest track got back to its typical storyline which shows evil Jasmine is back and once again doing planning and plotting against Tejo. All she wants is to make Tejo away from her love Fateh despite her knowing that Fateh only loves Tejo but still her obsession is not taking name to stop. Earlier she wanted Tejo to bring her back home and when Tejo returns she wants her to send her to a mental institute. The tussle between two sisters is the current scenario of the show. So far, we have watched that Fateh invites Tejo for his match and he gave the responsibility to Jasmine to look after her. Follow Our website for the latest updates!!!!!

Udaariyaan 24th June 2022

Udaariyaan 24th June 2022

Jasmine acts innocent in front of him and says do not worry about Tejo, I will take care of her but in their mind, she plans to make Tejo a matter of joke. During the match, Fateh collapsed with a member of the opponent’s team and he got hurt, Jasmine thinks to change this incident to her chance. Now let’s see what is next going to happen. The promo begins with the principal of the college attempting to convince the trustees to provide a 2nd chance to Fateh. Though the trustees did not listen to the principal and dismissed Fateh and the reasons they give for their strict action that the actions Fateh made to lose the reputation of the college. Fateh is upset with the decision of the college but could not able to do anything.

Udaariyaan Today’s Full Written Episode Update

On the other side, Gurpreet got to know about it and she is angry with Tejo and tells her family members that she does not want Fateh to be with Tejo she only wants to make him stay away from Tejo otherwise Fateh will become a matter of joke in front of the whole society and it’s better for him to get rid of her and starts her new life with Jasmine. The family does not agree with her decision of Gurpreet and tries to make her understand to not think like that. The family attempts to persuade her that she should not interfere

And lets Fateh decides what to do or not and also don’t forget that Tejo has done a lot of things to unite her entire family. But seems like Gurpreet is right now against Tejo and all she wants is her heir at any cost. Maybe in upcoming tracks, we will watch Gurpreet will unite with Jasmine to make Tejo away from Fateh’s life. That’s all for today we will be soon back with more updates till then be connected with us and watch this episode of “Udaariyan” on the colors channel.

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