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‘Wordle’ today: Here’s the answer, hints for June 25

‘Wordle’ today: Here’s the answer, hints for June 25 #Wordle #today #Heres #answer #hints #June Welcome to Eye9ja

Welcome, weekend Wordlers! It’s nearly Saturday and that means a brand new Wordle is imminent. If you get stuck and start to get nervous about your streak, we’ll be here with some handy hints to nudge you towards the solution.

You’ll soon be able to skip to the very end of this article for the answer to the June 25 Wordle, #371 — but we don’t want to spoil it ahead of time. (Also, we don’t know what it is yet.) In the meantime, scroll down for a few tips, gentle hints, and strategies to help you every day.

Not the day you’re after? You’ll find the Wordle answer for June 24 here.

Wordle is a daily word game created by Josh Wardle, a Brooklyn-based software engineer who has developed something of a reputation as a crafter of interesting social experiments. Every day, the people of the internet are greeted with a fresh word puzzle that can only be solved — or not! — using a series of process-of-elimination clues. Fans have even created alternatives to Wordle inspired by the original forma, like music identification game Heardle, and variations like Dordle and Quordle that make you guess multiple words at once

Is there a Wordle app for Android or iOS? Is Wordle free?

You might find “Wordle” results in an iOS App Store or Google Play Store search, but don’t mistake it for the real thing. Wordle, the original one Wardle came up with and kindly delivered unto the internet in late 2021, currently only exists as a browser game that lives right here. If you’re playing it anywhere else, it’s — at best — a shameless knock-off that’s trying to capitalize on someone else’s success.

And, yes, it’s still free.

What’s the best Wordle starting word?

We have some ideas to help you pick the perfect first move (or as close to perfect as you can get without just magically guessing the exact right word). Such tips include choosing a word with at least two different vowels in it, plus a few common consonants such as S, T, R, or N.


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A subtle hint for the Saturday Wordle:

Will appear here on Saturday!

What’s the answer to Wordle on June 24?

We’ll tell you on June 24!

Reporting by Caitlin Welsh, Amanda Yeo and Adam Rosenberg contributed to this article.

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