“You Don’t Need To Call Me Hajah, It’s Embarrassing”

“You Don’t Need To Call Me Hajah, It’s Embarrassing” #Dont #Call #Hajah #Embarrassing Welcome to Eye9ja

Today we’re talking about “You Don’t Need To Call Me Hajah, It’s Embarrassing” – Trends72
#Dont #Call #Hajah #Embarrassing #Omar #Zack

It is for the livelihood of the actors Nelydia Senrose while holding the title of hajj at the age of 28 after returning from performing hajj recently.

To quote every day MetroNelydia said she admits that she is shy when called by the title Hajah and is comfortable being called only by her name.

BACA: “When Others Are Disappointed, I’m Very Disappointed About Me.” – Nelydia Senrose

“You don’t need to call me hajah, it’s embarrassing. Enough about Nelydia,” he said.

Discussing the experience of working on the fifth pillar of Islam, Nelydia said it was an amazing time and she is thankful that everything was made easy.

“But it is enough for me to say that God’s service and everything I have been through is very good and made easy. Although I have performed Umrah many times, but this Hajj I feel a sense of freedom that is difficult to express.

“It is true that people say that doing Hajj is like doing jihad and surrendering to whatever provisions will work. I leave everything to God and I hope that my presence is accepted,” he said.

Asked by Nelydia what he was asked for while he was in the holy land, he admitted that he could not deceive himself and asked to improve himself so that he could be a better worker and continue with the stiqamah.

“It would be a lie if I said that my presence there is not to seek God’s pleasure. At my age now and I have gone through various stages of life. I can’t fool myself.

“Allah knows what is empty in my heart after puberty and now I am old. I always pray that God will increase my faith and give me strength to continue istiqamah.

“In God’s world we can really do it, but when we get here there is another test we have to pass. So I always pray that God will protect me from things that can stop me from doing my best,” she said.

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