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Five Star Wrestling is an independent professional wrestling promotion founded in August 2017. It is run and owned by Pro Wrestling Hall of Famer, former WWE Superstar and ring announcer, Carl “The Jackal” Douglas. Five Star Wrestling is a stellar mix of talent, featuring top wrestlers from all around the world. The promotion has events taking place in the United Kingdom, creating a passionate and deep-rooted fan base within the UK and providing passionate and die-hard wrestling fans with an experience unlike any other.

Why Five Star Wrestling?

Five Star Wrestling is special because of its unique approach to pro wrestling. It demonstrates utmost respect for the art form and rules of pro wrestling. Five Star Wrestling features some of the best and most respected wrestlers in the world performing together on the same card. It is a wrestling promotion that has established itself as a dependable spot to receive quality wrestling entertainment and contains a roster of set of very talented performers.

5 Star Wrestling’s Production Values

Five Star Wrestling prides itself on delivering professional and entertaining shows, which are of the highest quality production. The lighting, entrance music, ring work, athleticism, and atmosphere of each show are of an excellent standard. From start to finish the product is around top-notch and the most up to date technology is used to ensure viewers receive the same high-end production values as seen on WWE’s own shows.

Talented Wrestlers and Quality Matches

The stars of Five Star Wrestling can take pride and joy in the quality of matches seen. The promotions has acted as a breeding ground for the talent that would go on to achieve success in other promotions. Five Star Wrestling is filled to the brim with seasoned veterans and young talent, allowing them to form a perfect combination for the promotion.

Wrestling Events

Five Star Wrestling promotes a variety of events, ranging from international shows and supershows. The promotion also holds regular sponsored-events. Five Star Wrestling also produces content for television and streams shows worldwide. The promotion is unmissable and is always worth your while.

Five Star Wrestling also allows members of the audience to meet their favourite stars. As well as enjoying the atmosphere and getting the chance to witness the events in person, they can get autographs, selfies, and even attend meet-and-greets.


Five Star Wrestling is one of the leading wrestling promotions in the UK with an international fanbase and a wealth of talent. The promotion offers an experience that is second to none, with stellar production values and undeniable quality in the matches. Five Star Wrestling is an independent professional wrestling promotion that is unmissable and is always worth your while. Whether it’s a live event or streamed show, it’s a must-see show every time.

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