Arrested Bolsonaro supporter speaks out

Brazilian Government Arrests Bolsonaro Supporter

A Bolsonaro supporter was arrested in Brazil recently, on the grounds of encouraging civil unrest. The man, whose identity has not been revealed, was taken into police custody for allegedly promoting acts of violence and for supporting Bolsonaro online. This arrest has sparked outrage in Brazil, with many citizens wondering if this is a sign of a further crackdown on dissent and freedom of speech by President Jair Bolsonaro’s government.

Bolsonaro Supporter’s Account

The arrested Bolsonaro supporter recently spoke out about his experience in an interview with a local Brazilian news outlet. In the interview, the man spoke about his arrest and the events that led up to it. He said that he was a vocal supporter of Bolsonaro and had been sharing his opinion on social media platforms like Facebook, WhatsApp and Twitter.

According to the Bolsonaro supporter, the police came to his house and arrested him without providing a warrant. He was then taken to a district police station and questioned under interrogation by police authorities. He was charged with inciting public disturbance and promoting civil unrest.

The Arrest Sparks Outrage

The arrest of the Bolsonaro supporter has sparked nationwide protest and outrage in Brazil, with people expressing their shock and disappointment at the government’s decision. Several protests were held in front of police stations and government buildings to protest this decision, and to demand that the authorities respect the rights of citizens to express their opinions freely.

Meanwhile, supporters of Bolsonaro have also come out in defence of the arrested supporter, arguing that his arrest shows that dissent and freedom of speech is no longer tolerated in Brazil. Many have criticised the government for silencing their opponents and for clamping down on freedom of speech.

Bolsonaro’s Response

In response to this incident, President Bolsonaro has defended his government’s actions and denied that the man was arrested for expressing his opinion. He has argued that the man was arrested because he was a threat to public safety and security. He also said that his government values freedom of speech and has no intention of clamping down on any kind of dissent or criticism.

However, many Brazilians remain unconvinced and feel that their right to freedom of expression is under threat. In this situation, only time will tell if Bolsonaro is sincere in his defence of freedom of expression, or if he will try to further restrict freedom of speech in the country.


The arrest of the Bolsonaro supporter has caused an uproar in Brazil and has raised serious questions about the government’s commitment to freedom of speech and dissent. Supporters of the arrested man believe that he was arrested simply for expressing his opinion and not due to any threat to public safety or security. Whether the government will address this issue or continue to restrict citizens’ right to free speech, remains to be seen.

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