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Bandits kill two persons, abduct 10 in Kebbi

Bandits kill 2 People, Abduct 10 in Kebbi State

Kebbi State in Nigeria has recently been affected by banditry activity, resulting in the death of 2 people and the abduction of 10 innocent people.

In the early morning hours of April 29th, heavily armed bandits stormed the outskirts of Dandi Local Government Area. Armed with AK-47s, RPGs and other sophisticated weapons, the bandits began looting the homes of innocent citizens in the area, taking whatever they pleased, and keeping the citizens under their control.

The mass abduction of the 10 people, 10 of them women and 3 of them children, follows a series of similar raids in the area. This raid has been particularly devastating, due to the fact that two people have been killed by the bandits.

The identities of the victims remain unknown, but Kebbi State Government has already taken action to ensure their safe return and the prompt identification of the bandits responsible.

Governor Atiku Bagudu has since issued an urgent warning to the citizens of Kebbi, urging them to exercise vigilance in order to stay safe. Governor Bagudu has also increased security forces in the area in an effort to stop the bandits and discourage any further attacks. So far, the security forces have reported the apprehension of several suspected bandits associated with the attack.

The Impact of Kebbi Banditry

The banditry activity in Kebbi State has led to great personal loss and financial strain for many of its citizens. Families are now left coping with the loss of loved ones, dealing with the costs associated with funeral arrangements, and trying to ascertain the well-being of their family members. For those who have not been killed or kidnapped, the fear is still strong and the risks of being attacked are ever present.

The hostages have been subject to harsh conditions, with their captors demanding ransoms for their safe return. Somalia’s family members and the Nigerian government have thus far been unable to meet these demands, leading to an uncertain outcome and further suffering for those who have been captured.

Preventing Banditry

To prevent further episodes of banditry in Kebbi, Governor Bagudu has made numerous efforts to reduce poverty, provide jobs, and improve social welfare within the state. The government has attempted to reach out to the local communities to discuss security issues, as well as to organise Community Vigilante Groups to help protect the area’s citizens.

Furthermore, the Governor has been in talks with security agencies, improving the security apparatus in Kebbi, and creating more specialised forces to effectively tackle the issue of banditry and kidnap.


The situation in Kebbi State is heart-breaking and calls for a swift response from both the regional security forces and the Nigerian government. Only through increased investments in security, as well as social policies aimed at fighting poverty and inequality, can the situation be adequately addressed and secured for all.

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