#BBTitans Contestants


#BBTitans Contestants

The first-ever season of #BBTitans has come up with an exciting line-up of talented contestants from across the country! The reality show has brought together an eclectic mix of celebrities and comedians from the entertainment industry to raise the entertainment quotient.

Here is the list of contestants who are competing in #BBTitans as of now:


  • Brian Cheng
  • Jane Sam
  • David King
  • Allison Yang
  • Eva Li
  • Mario Weng
  • Linda Lu
  • Allen Hamilton
  • Cathy Wu


  • Nick Johnson
  • John Scott
  • Benjamin Stephenson
  • Timothy Hsu
  • Brian Taylor
  • Emily Jones
  • Cole Smith
  • Jeremy White
  • Marcus Chen

The participants of #BBTitans reality show have captivated and excited fans with their performances in the tasks assigned to them, as well as their on-screen presence. Fans have been eagerly awaiting the show, and these participants have not failed to deliver on their promise of riveting entertainment.

With each episode of #BBTitans, tension, excitement, laughter and nail-biting drama only keep increasing as the contestants battle it out for the coveted title of ‘Ultimate Titan’. The competition has been heating up and the contestants are giving it their all, making this season of #BBTitans even more exciting. Who will eventually be crowned the Ultimate Titan?

Be sure to catch the latest updates and highlights from #BBTitans on social media! As the season progresses, don’t forget to cast your vote and support your favourite contestants. Do follow their journeys and stay tuned to find out who will turn out to be the Ultimate Titan!

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