What is #BBTitans?

#BBTitans is an exciting new mobile game, designed with the popular mobile gaming approach of “Gather and Conquer”. In it, players are tasked with navigating a dangerous world full of monsters and other nasty creatures, searching for powerful legendary creatures known as “Titans”.
#BBTitans is heavily focused on building a powerful team of Titans, training them, and battling with other players around the world.

Picking Your Titans

The heart of #BBTitans is your selection of Titans – the powerful legendary creatures that make up your team. You can select a wide variety of unique and powerful Titans, from defensive monsters like the Rock Crusher to strong and fast aerial fighters like the Wind Screamer. Each Titan is Powerful on its own and can be trained to unlock hidden strengths, helping you build a well-rounded team suited to your own playing style.

Setting up Your Team

Once you have selected your team of Titans, it’s time to put them to work. Outfit your Titans with powerful gear and assign them to attack, defend, and scout as you need. You can also level up your Titans and craft special items to give them an edge in combat.

Battling Other Players

The main focus of the game is its PvP arena, where you can battle other players from around the world. This mode allows you to test your strategies and your Titans’ battle skills, and see how you fare in the larger player-versus-player battles. The arena is divided into several leagues, and you can climb up the ladder as you win more battles.

Rewards and Benefits

Playing #BBTitans isn’t only fun and exciting, but it’s also rewarding. You can earn in-game rewards, gems and other items as you play, making it well worth the time investment. You can also unlock unique in-game achievements, which will net you even more rewards.


#BBTitans is a thrilling new game that combines the worlds of monster-collection and PvP battles. It has the potential to keep you busy for hours, as you seek to train the perfect team and crush the competition. With its great rewards and interesting mechanics, it’s definitely worth checking out.

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