Biography Of Jay Briscoe

Biography of Jay Briscoe

Jay Briscoe is an American professional wrestler and the senior member of the Tag Team Wrestling, Briscoe Brothers. He has had tremendous success in becoming a Ring of Honor World Champion, a two time World Tag Team Champion, and is currently signed to WWE as part of the NXT brand. He is also the founding father of the “Kamikaze Pro Wrestling” promotion.

Early Life

Jay Briscoe was born in New Orleans, Louisiana on March 1st, 1980. Growing up, Jay was surrounded by an intense passion for wrestling and was drawn to WWE and WCW as a child. He started to learn the basics of wrestling and developing his craft in his home ring. As his siblings Mark and later Kate started to train, soon the three of them formed The Briscoes and started to compete in backyard wrestling.

Wrestling Career

Jay decided to pursue professional wrestling and trained under Shane Helms and Ricky Morton. After viewing several videotapes, Jay and his brother Mark were trained by their mother, Debbie, and joined Ring of Honor in 2002. Upon their debut, Jay and Mark were called the Briscoe Brothers and immediately made an impact by winning Tag Team Turmoil. According to WWE, Jay has held 19 titles, including the ROH World Championship, ROH Tag Team Championship, Kamikaze Pro Tag Team Championship, and others.


Jay has won multiple championships and awards throughout his career. He is a three-time Ring of Honor World Champion, a two-time ROH Tag Team Champion with his brother Mark, and a two-time ROH TV Champion. He also holds various championships in Kamikaze Pro and Beyond Wrestling. Along with wrestling, Jay also formed Kamikaze Pro Wrestling in 2012, succeeding in its first three years.

Personal Life

Jay is married to his then-girlfriend, Tabitha, and has a son, Ashton, and daughter, Penelope born in 2011. He is an avid fisherman, enjoys golfing, and supports numerous charities such as Wounded Warriors and Autism Speaks.


Jay Briscoe is an inspiration to millions of wrestling fans across the world and is widely known as an innovator. His innovative and unique wrestling style, which includes highflying maneuvers, technical brawling, and taking risks, has earned immense respect from peers and fans alike. He also has made several appearances on television shows, podcasts, and video games including WWE 2K16.


Jay Briscoe is a five-time Ring of Honor World Champion, a two-time Ring of Honor Tag Team Champion, and a two-time ROH World Television Champion. Apart from wrestling, he has also managed his own wrestling promotion, Kamikaze Pro Wrestling. His legacy continues to inspire people and push him to strive for more success each day. With his influence, Jay Briscoe continues to lead the charge in the world of professional wrestling and remain a source of inspiration for years to come.

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