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Eddie Hall Arrested

Eddie Hall Arrested

British Powerlifter, Eddie Hall had been arrested for a domestic dispute according to reports from British police. Hall had previously been charged for four separate domestic incidents since June 2019.

The Arrest Details

Hall was arrested on September 1, 2020 after police were called to his home in Newcastle. Hall was charged with common assault, criminal damage, and breach of the peace. According to police, Hall was in an argument with his wife when they arrived. Police did not comment on the extent of the damage caused, but Hall reportedly was in custody for a short period of time.

Previous Domestic Trouble

According to reports, back in June Hall was accused of common assault and criminal damage but the charges were dropped in court due to insufficient evidence. Just one month later police were called again to his residence but there were no arrests and Hall was left to resolve the dispute.

Police were called to a residence in Newcastle again in August, but again no arrest was made and Hall was asked to resolve the incident. Now however, Hall has been arrested and charged with the three offences.

The Reaction to Hall’s Arrest

Reaction to the arrest of Eddie Hall on social media has been largely negative. Many have expressed disgust at Hall’s involvement in such an incident and have questioned the level of respect given to women.

A number of prominent figures have spoken out against Hall’s behaviour including fellow powerlifter, Stan Efferding, who said:

>“When you have a platform like Eddie has, every kid and adult looks up to you and decides to model their own behaviour after you. When #s doon like Eddie’s, we need to come together… and hold each other responsible.”

The National Women’s Commission of England has also released a statement in response to Hall’s arrest, saying:

>“We are deeply concerned about the alleged incident involving Eddie Hall. This is not acceptable behaviour and we will not tolerate domestic abuse of any kind. We urge members of the public to report any incidences where people are concerned for the safety of themselves and others.”

The Future of Eddie Hall

It is unclear how this incident will affect Eddie Hall both legally and in terms of his career. With domestic violence cases often met with heavy repercussions, it is possible that Hall may face serious consequences for his actions.

Eddie Hall has yet to release an official statement on the matter, but has issued an apology to his fans through a representative. The statement expressed regret for his behaviour, and offered his wife a sincere apology for his actions.


The recent arrest of Eddie Hall has created shockwaves throughout the powerlifting community, and the national community at large. Domestics disputes are becoming increasingly intolerant and perpetrators often face serious repercussions.

The details of the case are still being investigated, and it is unclear what future holds for Eddie Hall. He has expressed regret for his actions, and apologized to his fans as well as his wife. We may soon find out whether Hall will face any long-term consequences for his actions.

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