how many aspirants for 2023 presidential election

2023 Presidential Election Aspirants: Who is Running?

The year 2023 will bring one of the nation’s most important presidential elections in modern history. With the outcome of the election sure to have far-reaching implications throughout society, the competition for the highest office in the land will be fierce. As the election season approaches, many Americans have wondered, who is running for president in 2023?

Supreme Court Justices Among Likely Aspirants

Two Supreme Court justices are seen as likely candidates for the 2023 presidential election. The first of these is Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, who has served on the Supreme Court since 1993. Ginsburg is known for her unwavering support of progressive issues, and is considered a leading candidate for the presidency among liberal Americans.

The second Supreme Court justice expected to make a run at the White House is Justice Clarence Thomas, who has served on the court since 1991. Thomas is a staunch conservative and has sided with right-wing legislators on a variety of issues. If he were to join the presidential race, his candidacy would provide a stark ideological contrast to Ginsburg’s.

Expected Candidates from the Private Sector

The private sector is also likely to produce two presidential hopefuls. The first of these is big tech CEO and philanthropist Bill Gates, who has made it clear he is seriously considering a run for the White House. Gates is known for his focus on immigration reform, gun control, and poverty reduction, making him a popular pick for many Americans.

The second privately funded aspirant for the 2023 election is entrepreneur and philanthropist Mark Cuban. Cuban has experience as a businessman, athlete, and actor, and is known for his progressive views on healthcare and education. He is already heavily involved in the political process, having campaigned for Democratic candidates in the past.

Who Else Is Running?

The 2023 presidential election is expected to see a few newcomers enter the fray, including:

  • Hillary Clinton – Despite her defeat in the 2016 election, Clinton remains a popular figure in the Democratic party, and is likely to join the race.
  • Steve Bannon – Bannon, a former White House advisor, is a controversial figure, but his unique brand of nationalism may appeal to some voters.
  • Michael Bloomberg – The former mayor of New York City is another popular figure who is considering joining the presidential race.
  • Rob Hennigan – The Florida lawyer is making waves on the political stage and could become a formidable contender in the 2023 race.


The 2023 presidential election is sure to bring a few surprises, with a variety of interesting candidates coming from both the Supreme Court and private sector. It is unclear who will make it to the finish line, but so far it looks like the next president will be a formidable leader who will face some deeply entrenched issues. With so many potential candidates and so much at stake, it’s bound to be an election season to remember.

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