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Who is IPOB?

The Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) is a pro-Biafran movement in Nigeria and abroad. Founded in 1999 by Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, an ethnic Igbo, IPOB seeks to restore the independent nation of Biafra, which was formed in 1967 but dissolved in 1970.

Goals of IPOB

The Indigenous People of Biafra adhere to the following principles and goals:

  • To secure justice and self-determination for all of Biafra’s indigenous nations.
  • To prevent the continued exploitation and injustice against the People of Biafra.
  • To promote the ideals of Biafra and ensure its survival indifferent to the political pressure from Nigeria and other foreign powers.
  • To secure equal rights and justice for the former Biafran nations.
  • To maintain and uphold the ideals of the Biafran Revolution and to work with other freedom fighters and international organizations around the world in pursuit of freedom and justice.

Advocacy and Membership

IPOB has a network of members and supporters across Nigeria and around the world. Many members are involved in advocacy campaigns to raise awareness of the marginalization and injustices faced by the people of Biafra.

IPOB organizes and participates in rallies, peaceful protests and other activities to promote the ideals of Biafra and push for a referendum on the secession of Biafra from the Nigerian federation.

The group’s advocacy has been criticized by the Nigerian government and many members have been jailed for their activism. Despite these threats, IPOB continues to press for political and economic reforms in Nigeria.

Recent Developments

Recently, Kanu and his followers have initiated a plan to create a parallel government to push for Biafran independence. The government was created as an alternative if the referendum fails.

Kanu and his allies continue to be active in protest and advocacy against Nigerian authorities. In August 2019, the group organized a protest in Anambra State to demand a referendum on Biafran independence.

The protest was met with a strong response from Nigerian police, who used live ammunition and tear gas to disperse the crowd. This incident, as well as other crackdowns on IPOB activists in recent months, has raised concerns about the Nigerian government’s commitment to free speech and peaceful assembly.


The Indigenous People of Biafra remain committed to their mission of restoring the independent nation of Biafra. The group continues to advocate for their cause through peaceful protests and other activities.

However, Nigerian authorities have increasingly cracked down on IPOB activists, raising concerns about freedom of expression and peaceful assembly in the country. This situation will remain of great concern to human rights activists as the struggle for Biafran independence continues.

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