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Jay Briscoe and the Jay Driller: An Introduction

For any fans of professional wrestling, the name Jay Briscoe will likely be well-known. Growing up in Delaware, Jay has had a long and successful career in Ring of Honor. He’s won two ROH World Championships, two ROH World Television Championships, and two ROH World Tag Team Championships.

Along with his impressive resume of accolades in the wrestling ring, Briscoe is also known for a certain move he unleashes during matches. Known as the “Jay Driller”, this high-impact move sees the wrestler launch himself onto the opponent, driving their shoulder and neck area into the mat with great force.

How Jay Briscoe and the Jay Driller have Evolved Over the Years

The Jay Driller has been part of Jay Briscoe’s repertoire since his debut in 2000. Over the years, the variation of the move has seen it become an integral part of Jay’s career. Today, the Jay Driller is commonly referred to as both a move and an ‘anthem’ for Briscoe, synonymous with his presence in the ring.

As far back as 2004, the ‘Jay Driller’ has been used to instantly build drama, excitement and anticipation in many matches. Varied versions of the move have been inspired from opponents, friends and family. It’s become increasingly powerful, versatile and dangerous as Briscoe has been able to perfect the move over time

Notable Uses of the Jay Driller

In 2017, Briscoe used the Jay Driller to secure the ROH World Championship against Adam Cole, and then again in 2020 when he challenged Marty Scurll, who was then world champion. Engaging in battle for his eighth ROH World Championship in 2020, Jay Briscoe used the mythical move to punch his ticket to the title, winning the match in great fashion.

The Jay Driller has also been heavily featured in cross-promotional matches. In 2019, Briscoe used the move to quash a German wrestler in a ‘wXw 16 Carat Gold tournament’ match in Germany. At IMPACT Wrestling Rebellion, Jay also challenged the IMPACT X-division champion with a signature Jay Driller.

What’s Next for Jay Briscoe and the Jay Driller?

For many fans, the Jay Driller will continue to be the ultimate symbol of success for Jay Briscoe. As he moves into what should be the latter stages of his career, the wrestler will likely continue to bring out the move from time to time, and when it’s least expected. He’s shown no signs of slowing down, and it’s likely that the Jay Driller will remain an important part of his legacy.

With several more years of professional wrestling likely ahead of him, here’s hoping Jay continues to dazzle us with his exceptional talent, intensity, and skill. It’s sure to be an amazing journey for Jay and his unique trademark move, The Jay Driller.

  • – Two ROH World Championships
  • – Two Tag Team Championships
  • – Two World Television Championships
  • – Popular move in wrestling known as the ‘Jay Driller”
  • – Varied versions of the move have been inspired by opponents, family and friends
  • – Used to secure ROH World Championship in 2017 and 2020
  • – Utilized by Briscoe in many cross-promotional matches
  • – Likely to remain an important part of his legacy for years to come

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