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Terrorism in Nigeria

Terrorism in Nigeria

Nigeria is a country blessed by a growing population and famous for its rich culture and diverse wildlife. Sadly, the country has also been plagued with the issue of terrorism for many years. Terrorism has caused destruction and disruption in parts of the country and has put innocent lives at risk. In this article, we will explore the causes and effects of terrorism in Nigeria.

Causes of Terrorism in Nigeria

There are many factors that can be identified as the causes of terrorism in Nigeria. These include:

  • Governmental instability – The Nigerian government has experienced a period of instability and political unrest which has made it difficult to implement effective governing policies. These government issues have provided an opportunity for terrorist organisations to exploit and recruit disaffected individuals to their cause.
  • Poverty – Poverty is a major issue in many of Nigeria’s rural areas, and many people have turned to terrorism as a way to gain funds. Terrorist organisations have also taken advantage of this poverty, by providing financial incentives and promises of a better life to those who join their cause.
  • Religious tension – Nigeria is a mainly Muslim country, with a large Christian minority. Tensions between these two religious groups have led to violence in the past, which has been exploited by terrorist organisations.

Effects of Terrorism in Nigeria

The effects of terrorism in Nigeria are far-reaching and devastating. Some of the main effects of terrorism in Nigeria include:

  • Death and injury – Terrorism has resulted in many deaths and injuries in Nigeria, both amongst civilians and security forces.
  • Economic disruption – The presence of terrorism has adversely impacted the Nigerian economy, damaging the infrastructure and businesses in areas affected by terrorism. This has resulted in economic hardship which has impacted the lives of innocent people.
  • Social unrest – Terrorism in Nigeria has caused social unrest, as people have become fearful of terrorist attacks and its consequences. This has resulted in feelings of insecurity in communities which have been affected by terrorism.


Terrorism in Nigeria has resulted in much death and destruction, and has had a significant impact on the economy and the social fabric of the country. It is essential that the government takes action to combat the issue of terrorism and to restore peace and security to the region. This can be achieved by providing economic opportunities for those in poverty, addressing religious tension, and ensuring there is suitable security in place to protect civilians from terrorist attacks.

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