who is the next president 2023

Who is the Next President 2023?

While all eyes are currently on the upcoming US Presidential election 2020, many US citizens are already anticipating the next Presidential election. The individual who will be the next President of the United States of America in 2023 is still a mystery.

Difference between Electoral College Vote and Popular Vote

One of the key factors in determining the who will become the next president is the outcome of whoever wins the Electoral College votes. The number one rule to remember is that it is not the popular vote that decides who is the winner of a Presidential election, rather it comes down to the number of Electoral College votes. The way this works is that each state is assigned an electoral college vote. These votes are then distributed to the candidate who is voted for the most in a state – this is often referred to as the popular vote.

History of Electoral College Votes

The Founding Fathers of the USA established the Electoral College as a compromise between the small and large states. The Founding Fathers ensured that the small states had the same representation as the larger states in the federal government. Although it has become extremely controversial in recent years, the Electoral College vote cannot be changed without first amending the US Constitution.

Changes within the US Political System

In recent years, the US political system has seen much change, with the emergence of political parties, lobbying and campaigning in elections more broadly than ever before. This could mean that the identity of the next President in 2023 could be completely different compared to the usual Democrat or Republican President.

How will it Impact the Next Election?

The impact of these changes and uncertainties on the 2023 election, as well as on all future elections in the US, will certainly be interesting to watch. However, whatever the outcome, the next US President in 2023 will be selected by the Electoral College based on the popular vote in each state, regardless of the current political climate and social trends.

How to Become the Next President

It is ultimately down to each individual candidate to ensure they have a good chance of being the next president in 2023. To be successful, they must:

  • Focus on increasing public support and engagement by campaigning and reaching out to voters.
  • Be aware of the changing political landscape and leverage it to their advantage.
  • Grow their base and network with influential people to drive the message of their campaign.
  • Gain support from state and national level leaders.
  • Set realistic goals to ensure their strategy is achievable.

Ultimately, the next President of the United States in 2023 is still a mystery and only time will tell. However, whoever does win will be the result of a combination of a successful campaign strategy and the popular vote in each state.

The questions of who the next president in 2023 will be, remains unanswered – only time will tell.

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