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The Briscoe Brothers – An Overview

The Briscoe Brothers are Jay and Mark Briscoe, two professional wrestlers from Sandy Fork, Delaware. The brothers are best known for their work in Ring of Honor (ROH), where they dominated the tag team division for close to a decade and won three ROH World Tag Team Championships. They are also two-time NWA World Tag Team Champions, having held the titles twice in the past.

Early Career

The Briscoes started wrestling in 1998, competing in various independent promotions around Delaware, Maryland and Pennsylvania. They first came to national attention when they signed with ROH in 2003. Initially, they were treated as a tag team that was disrespectful and often brawled with their opponents. But over the course of the next decade, they evolved into a competent and respected tag team.


In ROH, the Briscoes were tag team partners and close friends. They won the ROH World Tag Team Championship a total of three times. They also held tag team and six-man tag team championships in ROH multiple times. They held the record for most combined days as reigning champion until they were surpassed in 2017.


The Briscoes signed with the National Wrestling Alliance (NWA) in 2008, and became two-time NWA World Tag Team Champions. One of the highlights of their NWA tenure was their rivalry with The Outlawz (ADZ and KTD), which featured feuds for both the NWA and ROH tag team titles. During this time, they also appeared on MTV’s Wrestling Society X.

Later Career

The Briscoes left ROH in 2012 and signed with New Japan Pro Wrestling (NJPW) and jointly with Pro Wrestling Noah. In NJPW, they defeated the powerful No Limit to become the IWGP Tag Team Champions. They also defeated Epico and Primo to become the World Tag Team Champions in Pro Wrestling Noah.

Legacy & Impact

The Briscoe Brothers remain one of the most successful and well-known tag teams in professional wrestling. They have been praised for their technical wrestling ability and their hard-brawling style. Their feuds with The Outlaws and No Limit are still remembered and praised. They are considered one of the most influential and popular tag teams of the 2000s and helped popularize ROH as an international promotion.


The Briscoe Brothers are two of the most influential and successful professional wrestlers of the past two decades. Their tenure in ROH and NWA helped to elevate them to elite status and make them household names. Their incredible success in ROH and NWA has set a benchmark for modern tag teams. In an era of tag team wrestling, the Briscoes are undoubtedly considered legends in the sport.

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